Nestled on the first floor of Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street....lies this lively restaurant serving up Peruvian style tapas and Pisco cocktails to instantly get you in the mood. The menu, whilst not extensive, comprises of dishes ranging from freshly prepared ceviche, barbecued meat to scrumptious salads and sides - designed for sharing....perfect for... Continue Reading →

Head on over to Shoreditch and you'll find this global street food market - boasting a number of food stalls and bars in a buzzing atmosphere. Make sure you arrive before 7pm to avoid the £3 fee at the door (we found out the hard way!) and be prepared to queue up for food and... Continue Reading →

Spanish summer escape in September

When Adam first suggested Malaga as a holiday destination, I initially thought 'Brits Abroad' and rejected the idea but his research proved me wrong. Staying in the old town meant we were amongst the locals, within walking distance to the nearby beach, close enough to the vast array of restaurants and added bonus; located where... Continue Reading →

Yuu might like this!

Another trendy establishment that's opened up in Shoreditch, Yuu Kitchen serves up tapas-style dishes from South-East Asia and the Pacific Rim. Trying our luck, we rocked up without a reservation which turned out well when the friendly waiter shifted some bookings around to cater for our group of 5 - kudos to you mister! Cocktails... Continue Reading →

It’s all gravy baby…

Or so it seems! Wondering around the Clapham/Battersea area today, we thought we'd try out Dip & Flip - a burger joint that promises more. The concept; you get a choice of a hot meat sandwich or a burger to dip in gravy, alongside crispy fries - what's not to like?! We walked in about... Continue Reading →

Keo’s Kritique

I'm not particularly sure why it's taken me this long to write a restaurant review, given the amount of times I've eaten out and not to mention my love of all things food related. Nevertheless, there's no better time to start like the present. So here goes, my debut review. Let me mention this is... Continue Reading →

Got Beef?!

"I don't eat steak" is what you'd catch me saying three weeks ago. Purely because I hated the thought of a slab of bloody meat served on a plate. That and the fact that I can never go past the good old poultry…chicken – more specifically, chicken bones mmm (call it what you will, I have... Continue Reading →

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