Spanish summer escape in September

When Adam first suggested Malaga as a holiday destination, I initially thought 'Brits Abroad' and rejected the idea but his research proved me wrong. Staying in the old town meant we were amongst the locals, within walking distance to the nearby beach, close enough to the vast array of restaurants and added bonus; located where... Continue Reading →

DIY is tough business

We're finding out the hard way. One room down...the rest of the house to go! Although it seems we've been moving at a tremendously slow pace, I think we've made some pretty good progress so far, given we're complete amateurs at this DIY stuff. The first thing to tackle in the upper ground living room... Continue Reading →

New Year, New You…blah blah blah

One month into 2017 and exactly how am I tracking so far? Well my plan to lose the holiday weight from New York back in November was postponed till the new year, as Christmas followed closely behind. I must ashamedly admit it is currently at a standstill with all the overindulging I've still been doing. I've inevitably... Continue Reading →

Invest in a fixer-upper…

Is what we thought when we came across our house for the first time. It was far from being in mint condition but it ticked most, if not all of the boxes for our first home. Min 2 bedrooms? Tick! Garden? Tick - south facing one too! Within safe walking distance to a station? Tick! Victorian?... Continue Reading →

End of an era

After almost 3 years of living the boat life, it’s hard to believe that I a) lasted that long to begin with and b) can now proudly say that I’m officially a homeowner! It’s a bittersweet feeling making the transition from water to dry land. Initially, I found it quite difficult to adjust to this... Continue Reading →

The Honeymoon…!

We woke up the next day feeling a little worse for wear.  Seems all that drinking since the morning of our wedding day had taken its toll on us. That’s the last time I ever kick off with Disaronno on the rocks again. With no time to even comprehend a hangover, we quickly packed our... Continue Reading →

The Next Chapter Begins

If anybody were to predict a year ago that I’d now be married and living on a narrowboat moored in Central London, I’d think they were nuts! It’s bizarre how life takes its course and what can eventuate in the space of a year. This time last year I was just beginning to go steady... Continue Reading →

Spring is in full swing

And so is the damn pollen count. It’s strange though, I’ve never been one susceptible to hayfever in the past, but this season is proving to be one hell of a mission to get past the symptoms. Itchy and watery eyes, itchy and runny nose and the most annoying part is the constant sneezing argh!... Continue Reading →

It’s raining babies!

Is it me…? Or does it seem like just about every second person I know has either had a baby, carrying a baby or contemplating having a baby?! I’ve returned to see the population slowly increasing as couples have made a conscious decision to start or expand a family of their own. Baby bumps, baby... Continue Reading →

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